Monday, September 10, 2018

Young bodybuilder Martin

Martin is a young man who enjoys working out at the gym and another of these lads who is much more relaxed when wearing no clothes! More:

More about Martin:

Gabriel's Massage

Gabriel was a tough nut to crack. After his solo shoot, he’d gotten the slow-ball pitch about coming back for a massage shoot, but at the time turned it down outright. We texted a couple times and...more:

More about Gabriel:


Ronan is a young man who doesn’t care if he is clothed or naked! More:

More about Ronan:

Footballer Max

Max is a young man who has played loads of football and enjoys going to the gym, his body is nicely toned and defined and covered in lots of hair. He loves showing off his body and has no issues getting naked...more:

More about Max:
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